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Town Manager – Job Posting

The Town of Mineral, Virginia is seeking a dynamic and collaborative leader who demonstrates strategic vision and outstanding interpersonal relations to serve as Town Manager. The Town Manager is the chief administrative officer of the Town and supervises all departments, prepares the annual budget, advises the Town Council on policy, planning, and operational matters, represents and advocates for the Town in governmental and non-governmental settings, manages complex projects, and maintains knowledge on municipal laws, regulations, procedures, and best practices.

The Town of Mineral operates under the Town Council/Manager form of government. The elected Town Council is responsible for creating policies, goals, and objectives, and the Town Manager manages the day-to-day operations of the organization and translates the Council’s vision and goals into budgetary priorities and operational direction. The Town Manager is expected to be proactive and involved in local and regional associations and partnerships. The Town Manager will be an ambassador and advocate for the Town of Mineral.

Current and future projects for Mineral include developing affordable housing, oversight of town development, and aging infrastructure. Success for the new Town Manager will stem from a rich background in planning, economic development, resource management, and funding mechanisms for small communities. The Town Manager will demonstrate an ability to grow community trust and build alignment towards the Town’s goals through practical and empowering management of Town staff and stakeholders. Accountability, honesty, trust, humor, and transparency are essential values for the Mineral Town Manager.

Specific duties include preparation of the annual budget for presentation and adoption by the board, project management, and employee supervision. The manager should have the ability to relate to and work with all elements of the town residents while being supportive of town staff. Residency in the Town of Mineral is preferred but not mandatory and may reside outside of the Town with approval of the Town Council.

Desired Qualifications
A bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university with a major in Business Administration, Public Administration, or a closely related field; Master’s degree preferred. A career as a seasoned town manager or assistant in a similar sized community and complexity as Mineral will be a significant advantage for the candidate seeking this position. Salary range DOQ/DOE and will be determined based on experience and qualifications.

The Town of Mineral is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness.

Interested candidates must submit by email cover letter and resume along with at least five (5) job related references (with email and phone numbers) as well as salary history to [email protected]