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February 8, 2015
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June 24, 2016

Town of Mineral Council Meeting

Town of Mineral
Post Office Box 316
312 Mineral Avenue
Mineral, VA 23117
Phone 540-894-5100 Fax 540-894-4446
email: [email protected]
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Pam Harlowe, Mayor
Michael Warlick, Vice-Mayor Tom Runnett
Bernice Wilson-Kube
Doswell Pierce
Roy McGeHee
William Thomas
Salvatore Luciano, Town Manager Ti-Lea Downing, Treasurer/Clerk Jack Maus, Town Attorney
Town Council meets for its regular session on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Persons wishing to be heard or having an item to be placed on the agenda should make their request to the Clerk of Council by the final Monday of the month preceding the meeting.

Town of Mineral Council Meeting
May 09, 2016

Pam Harlowe, Mayor; Michael Warlick, Vice- Mayor; Bernice Wilson Kube, Doswell Pierce, Roy McGhee and William Thomas
Sal Luciano, Town Manager; Ti-Lea Downing, Town Clerk; and Jack Maus, Town Attorney
Tom Runnett
Michael Massie with the Central Virginian; Sandra Robinson, Myra Pekary, Doug Smith, Pam Baughman and Alan Marshall

Pam Harlowe opened the public hearing with no comments from the public on the budget. Pam Harlowe closed the public hearing.

Adopt/Amend Agenda: Designate FOIA officer for the town and discussion on retention of town attorney files was added to the agenda under new business. Moving the alley at 809 Mineral Ave and Discussion of letter from Mr. Morgan was added to old business. William Thomas made a motion to approve the agenda as amended; this was seconded by Roy McGhee with all in favor.

Town Council meets for its regular session on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Persons wishing to be heard or having an item to be placed on the agenda should make their request to the Clerk of Council by the final Monday of the month preceding the meeting.

Approval of the April 2016 Minutes: Roy McGhee made a motion to approve the April 2016 minutes; this was seconded by William Thomas with 0 opposed.

Approval of the May Bills to be Paid: William Thomas made a motion to approve the minutes; Michael Warlick seconded the motion with 0 opposed.

Town Manager’s Report: The Town seal should arrive by the next council meeting. The VDOT request to move 10th street into state maintenance is still under review because VDOT couldn’t find documentation to show 10th street was in the town of Mineral. The request for a light pole to be placed at the end of 5th street came back from the VA Power for approximately $2,000.00. There was some extra cost with the electric work needed which exceeded the agreed amount for the renovation of the old barn. Sal Luciano will check and see exactly how much the renovation has cost thus far. The Bluegrass Festival needs to be added to the events page on the website.

Town Attorney’s Report: A written report was submitted. Jack Maus asked about years of records he has stored at home. It was agreed that the files will be brought in to the Town Office to be sorted though and scanned onto a flash drive.

Standing Committee Reports: No Report
Beautification/Anti-Litter Committee: The beautification festival was great. The first

day of the farmers market was overcast weather but was well attended.

Budget & Finance Committee: The employee raises and health insurance increase were discussed. The employee will pay 10% of the health insurance increase and the town will pay the remainder 90%. The raises for employees will be decided on by the personnel committee. It was discussed as ways to reduce the outstanding water bills. It was recommended for rental property owners to keep the water in their name. Several items are currently over budget:

Advertisement (waiting to be paid)
Beautification (pending a check from Mineral Business Association)

Legal fees (Overage expected to increase)
Office supplies and repair maintenance general are right at the budget max.

Building Committee: Michael Warlick reported the street was not swept in front of Mineral Shakes. Mr. Tylor swept the street himself. Gravel is coming down from where the road is not paved and it’s tracking in sand and should be maintained regularly.

Cemetery Committee: It was proposed to transfer funds from LGIP for the cemetery, all but $8,000.00 to a CD which earns 1% interest. Doswell Pierce made a motion to

transfer all but $8,000.00 from the LGIP perpetual when it matures and be moved to a CD on 14 month flexible at 1%; this was seconded by William Thomas with all in favor.

Economic Development Committee: No Report

Personnel Committee: Peggy Hunley requested two weeks of leave under FMLA to care for a family member. This was granted by Sal Luciano and if it becomes anything more it will be discussed with the Personnel Committee.

Police & Legal Matters Committee: No Report
Streets Committee: 5th street is eroding and needs attention from VDOT. Ti-Lea

Downing will make the request.

Walton Park: A Flower bed was made in front of the stage and shrubs will be put in. The sheet on the back of the stage will be replaced before Final Fridays.

Water & Sewer Committee: The Health department was happy that the necessary repairs were addressed by the Town. We are currently awaiting the written report. The health inspector did recommend the two chemical feed pumps at well #5 be replaced due to age. Sal Luciano is looking into getting an estimate cost. Sal Luciano proposed using some of the $10,000.00 which is left over from the Water & Sewer fund to purchase the pumps. We were waiting on the agreement with the LCWA to be resolved prior to getting the water tower painted because it will be out of commission for a month. William Thomas made a motion to approve the purchase of the pumps for well #5; this was seconded by Doswell Pierce with all in favor.


Water Agreement with LCWA: Sandra Robinson, Myra Pekary, Doug Smith, Pam Baughman and Alan Marshall came on behalf of the LCWA to discuss their position on

the water agreement with the Town of Mineral. LCWA no longer has any interest in having a water agreement with the Town of Mineral. LCWA does not have a water agreement with anyone else and doesn’t feel it’s necessary to have one with the Town of Mineral. LCWA stated they would drop the law suit if we sign a mutual agreement and previous 40 yr. contract would be disregarded by the Town of Mineral. LCWA’s reasoning for not having a minimum was due to the Town of Mineral already having a primary water source. Mr. Maus advised we are 12 yrs. into a 40 yr. contract. Mr. Maus advised if they want to cancel the law suit and not enter in a new agreement then that is fine, but the existing agreement will stay in place. LCWA advised their position on the agreement and concluded that it is not legally binding. A letter of agreement will be presented for the Town Council to review and sign.

VML SUPPER: The VML supper will be held June 23rd in Gordonsville at 6 PM. A decision on attendance needs to be made in the next week so we can RSVP. William Thomas advised he will attend.

Representative for TJPDC Rural Transportation Committee: Michael Warlick volunteered to be the representative for the Town of Mineral.

Mr. Morgan: Mr. Morgan presented a letter to the Town of Mineral in regards to the zoning decision that was made. Mr. Morgan advised it was an illegal decision due to Tom Runnett voting. Also, Town Council didn’t receive a formal recommendation from the Planning Commission due to it being sent via email. Mr. Maus will receive a copy of the letter Mr. Morgan wrote to the Town to see if there is anything substantial in it.


Request to Close Alley at 809 Mineral Ave: It was a mutual agreement that they alley will be pushed back 6 ft. toward Mineral Ave in exchange for the property in the back of the Pekary residence. A Public hearing will be held for exchanging of real estate property. Peyton Noel presented old Minutes to the town from November 1917- August 1923.

Residential Development: A potential buyer of the property at 809 Mineral Ave had some questions in regards to the code for the property. It is zoned as light commercial. There are no setbacks according to the code, except the front of the property has to blend with the existing set back. There are no limitations on the number of houses that can be placed on the property. It was recommended that the town attorney look into the code to verify. Bernice Kube made a motion that the Town attorney look into this matter; this was seconded by William Thomas with 0 opposed.

Representative for the FOIA: The General Assembly made changes to FOIA in April which will go into effect July 1st. FOIA information and link shall now be posted on the Town webpage. Local public bodies are now required to elect at least one FOIA officer who must be trained annually. William Thomas made a motion to elect the Town Manager and Town Clerk as the FOIA officers; this was seconded by Roy McGhee with 0 opposed.

William Thomas made a motion to adjourn the meeting; this was seconded by Bernice Kube.

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