Whitlock Family Park

Mineral Farmers Market

Through the graciousness and generosity of the Whitlock family, the Town of Mineral was recently presented with the deed to the new Whitlock Family Park. The property is located on Louisa Avenue and is where the Farmer’s Market currently resides.  Mayor Edwin Jarvis welcomed the family to the Mineral Municipal Building’s Council Chambers for the deed acceptance ceremony on September 9th. Family members present to present the town with the deed were John Whitlock and Jane Whitlock Sisk, children of W.W. Whitlock (Bill) and Judge Susan Whitlock, daughter of Ed Whitlock. Doug Whitlock, son of Robert Whitlock had intended to be present but was delayed at the airport.

“I can’t tell you how much your gift means to the residents,” said Jarvis as he addressed the family. “I know your family has a long history of doing a lot of things for the Town of Mineral.”

Jarvis then asked John Whitlock for any remarks that he would like to make. 

Whitlock told the Mayor and council that he and his sister Jane and cousins Susan and Doug had served together as Trustees of their Aunt Gaynelle Whitlock’s Trust. 

“The Whitlock family has always loved the Town of Mineral,” said Whitlock. “My father and his five brothers and sisters were born and raised in the old yellow house, the Whitlock family home, next to the Mineral Baptist Church. The three brothers, Robert, Eddie and Bill all made many contributions to the town.”

Council Member photo

Pictured from left, Judge Susan Whitlock, John Whitlock, Jane Whitlock Sisk and Council Members Michelle Covert, Mayor Edwin Jarvis, Becky McGehee, Blair Nipper and Bernice Kube.

Mayor Ed Jarvis receives the deed to the property from John Whitlock

Mayor Ed Jarvis receives the deed to the property from John Whitlock

Some of the contributions that Whitlock named included the work of his father, Bill Whitlock, who served as the town attorney for many years and did a major revision to the town code. He said his uncle Eddie was a big promoter of the Mineral Horse Show which was a significant event in the community for years. Whitlock said that his grandfather, with the help of his uncles Robert and Eddie, built the Mineral Fire Department. The Whitlock Construction Company, under the direction of brothers Robert and Ed, built the gym on the original Louisa County High School, the Mineral Restaurant, gas station and office complex, the Whitlock Law Offices and many other homes and businesses in the area. The three Whitlock brothers were original and significant developers around Lake Anna. 

Whitlock referenced his Aunt Eloise. He said she was a fixture on the porch of the old homeplace for many years. She would walk to the post office every day, keeping an eye on everything going on in the town. She was considered by many to be the unofficial mayor of Mineral. She kept her nieces and nephews after school and over the years kept many others. 

The Whitlock family has always been deeply connected to Mineral Baptist Church. “Through the generations my family has been involved in much of the development of the church,” he said. “My cousin David operated the Mineral Auto Parts for many years, was a deacon at Mineral Baptist Church and he was a pillar of the community,” he continued.

Whitlock’s Aunt, Dr. A. Gaynelle Whitlock, was a retired Associate Dean of Education and a Professor Emerita at Virginia Commonwealth University. She had a vision for Historic Mineral and worked with her brother Bill to get the official designation on the State and National Register. She founded the original Mineral Historic Foundation, restored the Whitlock historic homeplace and left her estate to fund the restoration of the Historic Mineral Baptist Church. The restoration was overseen by Doug Whitlock. John said, “It was a job well done.” Her estate was also a founding contributor to the Journey Home. 

Whitlock concluded. “Now we are pleased to be working with you to create this permanent park for the Town which will perpetuate the wonderful Farmer’s Market and allow for many new possibilities. “Mr. Mayor, and Council, as trustees of the A. Gaynelle Whitlock Trust and on behalf of the W.W. Whitlock Foundation we are pleased to present to you today this deed to the Whitlock Family Park.”

The Park is open to the public and is intended to provide a low-impact recreational area with such amenities as benches, walkways and landscaping consistent with relaxation, contemplation and being out of doors. A public dedication of the Whitlock Family Park is planned to take place on the grounds within the next year. 

From left, W.W. (Bill) Whitlock and brothers Robert and Ed. Looking on is David Whitlock, son of Robert.

From left, W.W. (Bill) Whitlock and brothers Robert and Ed. Looking on is David Whitlock, son of Robert.